Saturday, December 31, 2011

letter from the host family


I can honestly see why you and your hubby are involved in stepinflorida!

This boy xxx just melts our heart, he thinks of us often and I just wanted you to see his x-mas e-mail to us. Just to think this was the youngin that might be problamatic and comes out to be one of the finest kids. You just never know, xxxx and i would love to sponsor again but we know we will be moving sometime wi...thin the year and not quite sure when.

Just as I feel bad about having to move I get an e-mail from Spain. This made our Christmas for sure. Please keep up the good work that y'all do and if there is another time I can devote to helping I will be first in line.

Much respect and admiration,

host family reply

We are so glad to hear from you, we miss your stay with us and have been wondering if your schooling was going well. I see that it is and that you are going into the engineering field like your Dad. We hope that your Mum and Dad are doing well and you’re not worrying them too much, just kidding. I know that you will do well in life as you have great parents and family and you know how important sc...hool is.

Hoping your friends are also doing well is XXXX behaving himself? LOL.

Thank you so much for the update in your life and maybe someday our paths will cross again.

Susan is still involved with step in Florida and she is looking for sponsors again this year. We wish we could sponsor but we will probably be moving and I have been a tad ill, I'm much better now.

You just keep doing well and make your parents proud, We think of you often as we enjoyed every day of your stay.

Christmas Letter 2011 from a student to his host family!

It's been a long time since we wrote each other! How is life? How is everything at home? I hope all is perfect there!

Here we have passed a great year. At summer, like all years, we have been at " lekeitio", that village near to the sea which has an island near. There, we celebrated that ferstival were we hang up of the goose's neck, it's really funny but for the moment I'm not taking part in thi...s event. Also, I have been with my parents at Scotland and I have to say that all those green views where really impressive. After the summer I started my last year at school, and for the moment I'm not doing bad, so the next year I hope to be studing for be an ingeneer.

Two nights ago we met with all my family for christmas, and it was really funny! Now I'm waiting for New Year's Eve because after a big dinner with my granrdad's I will met with all my frinds to celebrate the new year.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and take care in this new year!
Christmas letter to host family from student

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Summer Trips

Looking for host families to host 25 Spanish teenagers arriving to the St Augustine area and surrounding communities on June 30th, 2012. The students are coming to learn about the culture of American Families and to practice their English. All students come with their own spending money and medical insurance. Host families provide a bed, meals and limited transportation for 27 days. Students will be leaving on July 26th. We will be attending trips in which the host families are welcome to come along at group discounted pricing. This years trips include Universal Studios, Sea World, Daytona Lagoon and local tours and attractions. There is also a welcome party and farewell party for the students and families which will be held in a local airconditioned country club with plenty of parking and seating. If you have room in your home and heart, please consider opening your home to a young person from abroad. This is a great learning experience for everyone involved and can be the start of friendships that last a lifetime!  Families pick their student on a first come first serve basis. If interested please contact Susan James at or 904-806-1392.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Host a student from Spain for the month of July 2012

When I was first asked to host a student, I had a 1 year old developmentally delayed and an 8 year old, I said, "No", my hands were already full! Well to make a long story short, my husband and 8 year old, wanted to do it. So we welcomed 18 year old Alberto into our home for the month of July. It was an amazing experience, Alberto was such a great help taking the baby when  I walked in the door to prepare dinner. He also helped set the table and cook! He helped my husband get the chores done and so on the weekends we could spend quality family time together showing Alberto the life style of an American family. We went on picnics, to the beach and the county fair. I'll never forget the excitement of Alberto watching the demolition derby! It was an awesome time and we really enjoyed hosting Alberto. Over the next 15 years, we hosted 18 students!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting Ready For Summer 2012

Families get ready for summer 2012, host families needed for the month of July